Creating more jobs

We are looking forward to engaging talented individuals to join the Enviva team. Within the next few months, we will be coordinating visits to the community to introduce ourselves and answer questions about employment opportunities. As soon as we post information about the available jobs at the Bond plant, everyone will have an opportunity to apply. They are good, well-paying positions—wages are expected to be approximately 70% higher on average than currently available in the county today.

Most plant positions will be filled approximately six months before the plant opens. Once our hiring ramp up begins, our Careers Page will explain the various open positions. We will be sure to keep the community updated on our hiring process and encourage residents and others to apply when the time is right. Our goal is to become an employer of choice within Stone County.

Enviva offers competitive pay and a generous benefits package that includes paid time-off, free health insurance options, dental and vision insurance, disability and life insurance, wellness programs and bonus eligibility depending on the role.

In addition to creating direct jobs, the Enviva plant in Bond will create indirect jobs. Here is a summary of how the jobs will be created:

  • Plant jobs — once operational, the plant will support approximately 350 jobs; 100 directly by Enviva and 250 indirect jobs in adjacent industries such as logging and trucking. Every job at an Enviva facility creates at least two additional jobs in the region in industries such as logging and transportation, according to a study by Chmura Economics & Analytics.
  • Construction jobs: during construction, the plant will support approximately 400 cumulative jobs.
  • Forestry jobs — By turning waste wood into valuable energy, Enviva fosters the healthy growth of forests. Enviva’s forestry professionals serve a key role by effectively engaging with landowners, the conservation community, and other external stakeholders to implement and help develop new, high-impact programs related to our sourcing.